North India

Who said India was a nation of con-artists?  Maybe that is still to come.
But so far my first full day in Delhi was complete with some great haggling.  Almost bought a whip for Wanda's Whip Emporium…may have to go back for that.
And as I was walking around Connaught place wondering "Where can I get a good coffee?"  The universe answered me with a lovely man you took me for coffee and talked to me about Delhi. 
After leaving I made my way to the metro station (hoping not to break a rib this time, due the crushing amount of people), and stopped to admire some bags a street vendor.  An India, Australian than came up and about me the bag.  Pretty nice!  He then invited me to Goa for drugs and the vendor ladies had to help me get away.  Only in Delhi.
Taj Mahal was gorgeous.  Even in a grey, overcast day it was stunning.  Wait for pictures or just go see it yourself.
The City Palace and Amber Fort of Jaipur must have been wonderful during the visit of the Prince of Wales.  And I am sorry to say, for those lovers of China the Amber fort can take the Great wall any day.
One thing I can live without in India (besides the obvious, dirt, traffic, beggars) is the puppet show.  I really hope I do not have to endure one more "erotic" puppet show in the next 3 weeks.  I don't think I can survive that.  There is something so wrong about maharajah dressed puppets grinding away at each other. 

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