Delhi Farewell and Celebrity Status

The last night in Delhi was spent partying it up with the 20 year olds in my group. Who thought I was 24.  Got to love the young.  Fabulous group and final night, filled with dancing, ecstasy and sex in the tub.  The last two being drinks, folks.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  Oh, and of course snail kisses (picture to follow) with a wonderful Kerala/Aussie (Achyut, you made the blog :-D).
And the night would not be complete without a bumpy motor rickshaw back to the hotel, from which we all endured some bruises.
After trying to get 4 hours of sleep before the early flight to Kochi, but only managing 45 minutes, because of the cold, I was up again and on the way to the airport.  Got an hour sleep on the first half of the flight, as I could spread out over three seats.  Luxury.  We loaded up on folks in Hyberdabad and my spreading out was over and the celebrity status ensued.  As the plane filled with men with flower garlands and cloth packages on their heads, offerings to the temple, of 4 coconuts and rice, I apparently became the most interesting thing on the plane.  The lone, fair skinned, blue eyed girl.  Sly pictures started to get taken.  Then they got more bold and asked me to pose. First by myself, then with them.  Finally, I had to sign my autograph on their boarding passes.  Hilarious! 

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