Ode to My Vasque Shoes

I bought you when my feet were in pain.
After a 24 hour Regaine.
Wearing you for the first time
on a 9.5 hour trek in Lake Placid.
My trekking partner said "That's crazy!"
I said "No, it will be splendid."
Through the rocky hills
and muddy downs.
You done good.
Next came Ultimate XC.
An easier test for you, then for me.
The loop on the heel and ingenious construction.
Helping through a river extraction.
11.5 hours together we lasted.
You done good.
A last minute decision changed your fate,
And on a 2 month journey with me you came.
Up and down the Great Wall of China.
Through the wild down hills of Dragon's back,
And the draining up hills of the MacLehose trail
of Hong Kong we ran.
Finally coming to Nepal, where your journey ended.
But not until you faithfully got me to, threw and over Thorung La.
It was a beautiful journey,
And my feet were never more comfortable.
I thank you my dear Vasques.
You done good.
Now I hope some Nepalese is wearing you happily.
I'm only sorry if they get athlete's foot.  That would be pretty crappy.

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