Running of the bulls. Catching a girl. All is Well – Jaipur

If you want the same excitement as the running of the bulls in Spain,
but without the possibility of blood shed I suggest trying to out run
an Indian street seller. During my 2 hour tour in Fatehpur Sikri,
filled with fabulous architecture and a marble palace to make a wish
in I was followed by a street sellers who relentlessly tried to sell
me a garnet necklace. It became quite comical when I suddenly stopped
and changed directions leaving him the middle of the square totally
perplexed. However, he did catch up. Finally I turned him and said
“I can out run”. He winked. I took that as a challenge and booted
it. He tried but eventually gave, yelling something, unpleasant I’m

For all you guys that wonder how to get a girl. It is very simple.
Apparently, many reliefs in India illustrate the following fail safe
Guy, “How you doing?”
Girl, “Good.”
Guy hands over a flower.
I think Barry White plays in the background and it’s a done deal.

The best Bollywood film experience, seeing the movie “The 3 Idiots”.
With Aamir Khan, ofcourse. Full of male actors with pot bellies
resembling the pudding loving belly of Ganesh. As well as singing,
dancing, love, suicide and jokes. I think it was a comedy. It was
Hinenglish, Hindi/English, so pretty understandable.
The theatre was packed, and even though babies were crying and many
were on cell phone, they still all got into the film, clapping and
yelling. I even started a few rounds of clapping, ofcourse when the
girl slapped the guy.
No way you can get popcorn or pop during intermission. There didn’t
look like there was a line but apparently there was and I wasn’t in
The main theme and song was “All is Well”.

All is Well in India!!!


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