Celebrity again, Palaces and Travelers Luck

Headed to Mysore Palace today, absolutely breathtaking, inside especially.  But sorry folks, no cameras allowed in the palace.
However, walking threw the halls, admiring the paintings on the walls depicting the Maharajah processions and listening threw my headphones of the recorded explanations I can't help but be placed back in time.  Especially when I reach the wedding ballroom. This octagonal shaped room with turquoise pillars and peacock tiles and a magnificent peacock stained glass dome shaped ceiling, is just breathtaking.  I'm sure if a Maharajah showed up right then I would have said screw the Ewan McGregor character in Moulin Rouge and ran off with him.  Oh well, you will all just have to see, as they didn't even have decent pictures outside to buy.  As always the "best pictures are in my head".

Outside, the grounds are majestic, but as always for the locals not the highlight.  I spent the next 15 minutes or so getting my picture taken first by a group of teenage boys, then each individually, then each holding my hand.  I really have to start charging.

Later that night I really wanted to go back to Mysore Palace and see it all lit up.  However, our guide kept saying they only light it up during special occasions and apparently my arrival did not constitute a specially occasion.  Regardless I had just enough time before dinner to boot it to the palace.
So hanging on to my bag and weaving through 3 lanes of traffic, well 3 lanes of painted lines, but more like 16 lanes of traffic  I ran across to the palace.  Just as I turned the corner to the front of the palace all the street lights went out.  Ugh!  A power outage.  Regardless I kept walking hoping they would turn on again once I got to the palace.  Falling in a hole on my way, I finally got to the palace.  I couldn't believe my eyes, it was lit up like a Christmas Tree.  Sparkling with a million white lights.  I started snapping pictures, just in case it wouldn't last.  Once I took my place picture, checked my watch and started to turn back to the hotel, the lights went out.  You got to just take a chance if you want to see something.  If you are lucky travelers luck will be on your side.


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