Head shaking, plate setting & other discoveries

Okay, so I am trying to get my head (no pun intended) around the head shaking.  I didn't notice this in the north, but down south, they do a lot of head shaking.  This especially occurs afterI ask a questions and is followed with them running off.  As most of my questions have to do with the menu I am never quite sure if I will get the meal I asked for.  Regardless, I do I will get something and it will come in about an hour and then it will sit on the side table getting cold while they set the table.  Because, of course they couldn't do that during the one hour I was waiting.  But it is all good, I have learned to order things that taste good cold.  Unfortunately, that backfired a bit yesterday when my ice cream came melted.
There is a huge discovery I made though…India makes awesome dark chocolate and cold coffee shakes.   Yummy!!!
I am also convience that India is the number one user of moth balls.  There are always at least a half dozen in every drain pipe washroom.  Could have used some on the over night train.  Man there were a lot of roaches and I don't think I want to know what was causing the crumbs to be falling on my head all night.

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