Strange Encounters of a Spiritual Kind

Lying on my back on the floor of a man’s shop with a Tibetan singing bowl full of water on my groin was not how I thought my first day in the beach town of Mahabalipura would go.
How did I get there you must wonder.  Well the day started innocently enough.  I went swimming in the Indian Ocean.  That is, if you can call fighting huge salty waves, so fierce that the sand under my feet would give way, swimming.  It was amazing.  And works up quite the appetite.   
Once the sand and salt were washed out of my bits I grabbed some Gobi 65 (deep fried cauliflower in super red spices) and a sweet lime soda.  Then wondered around town, hitting the local grocery store and thought I’d actually do some real shopping finally.  Didn’t get too far before I was sitting on the floor of one guys shop sipping tea and discussing Buddhism and what was wrong with me.  Mr. Riza, from Kashmir believes I have a spiritual soul, but is hidden away a lot of the time behind my over thinking and skepticism.  He believes in need to be heeled in order to find my next step.  First we tried this by getting me to ask a brass Buddha questions.  Apparently it answers.  I didn’t Mr. Riza or the Buddha move it’s lips and I didn’t hear a thing.  Next we moved to the floor and the Thanka came out.  A Thanka is a painting done by Buddhist monks for mediation, they can be in the form of paths to nirvana, mandala (circles), Buddha’s etc. 
“The Blue Buddha.  Do you know what this means?” asked Mr. Riza with a raise of one eyebrow.
“Nope.” I shrugged.
“Blue.  Is the healing Buddha.  I choose this because you need healing.”  dramatic pause.  I gave no reaction, my skepticism kicking in, so he continued.  “I could have chosen any one of these.” He thumbed through a bunch.  “But see, you don’t connect with any of these.  Amazing is this Blue Buddha.  Now connect with it.”
I looked at in, trying to connect with it.  I mean it looked cool, good workmanship.  Really blue.
“Do you know how to connect to it?  Mr. Riza inquired.
“Not really.” I admitted.
“Okay, you must you look at the picture and concentrate. Hard.  Feel it.  Once you are focused on that and only that begin to put your hands over the painting from the top to bottom.  Once you are at the bottom bring your hands to your face and then over your head. (He made a gesture like throwing water over your head).  Then you rub yourself all over over.  Like you have never rubbed your self. (I really had to suppress a laugh, at that line)  Right to your feet.  (He stood up and rubbed his feet).  Then shake your hands out three times.”  He looked at me to ensure I understood the instructions.  I nodded.
“Good.  I will go out side.  You do it.”  Mr. Riza instructed and left, closing the store door behind him.
What the heck was I to do.  I did it.  I really wanted to connect but just felt pretty silly.
He came back in, could tell I didn’t really connect and said, “I know this Blue Buddha will be good for you, but you I see you must start with something else.” 
Out came the Tibetan singing bowl. He filled it with water and began to put the stick around it causing it to vibrate and water to splash out in little showers.
Then it was my turn.  As I was doing it his Italian friend and wife, both spiritual gurus joined us for a little while and even some shoppers came and went.  I continued to make the bowl sing and sputter water.  Apparently, my sputter was negative.  I had to keep doing it until all the negative energy escaped.
The Italian dude and his wife got up to leave eventually, but not before saying “I wish you well.  But that does not matter.  Until you wish yourself well it will mean nothing.  Good bye.”  And off they went.
“Wise words.  Good bye.” I replied and stopped making the bowl sing.  My hands hurt like heck.
Mr. Riza told me to put my legs out and placing the bowl on my legs began making it sing and sputter. 
After a little while he stood up and placed a carpet on the floor and said.  “Sometimes people can heal themselves, other times others must heal them.  Are you ready to begin healing?” 
“Sure.  Why not.”  People knew where I was.  I figured I’d be face.
Mr. Riza walked outside and told his brother not to let anyone in for ten minutes, and returned closing the door behind him.
He told me he will heal my three chakras, the chest, the stomach and the groin and I just had to lie down on the carpet.
So, there you go.  That’s how I got to be on the floor of a man’s store in Mahabalipura, India.

The vibrations did feel very good and the water cool as it sputtered out.  Although, wearing a white shirt may not of been the best choice.

After the three chakras were vibrated I was diagnosed.  Mr. Riza was quite surprised.  He expected my groin area to have the most negative energy  But no.  It is very warm and inviting.  All my negative energy is in a big ball in my upper abdomen.

I thanked Mr. Riza and went to leave.  Of course I wasn’t getting off that easy.
“You should take these and connect with the painting and use the singing bowl. It will be good for you.”  Mr. Riza enticed me.
He pulled out the Tibetan Book of Living and said he wasn’t making this up, he has been doing this for himself for 17 years.
I wasn’t budging though.  So we finished our tea, talked a bit more and I left.

I did go back the next day to say good bye and am now the proud owner of a Blue Buddha Thanka and a Tibetan Singing Bowl.
I am taking appointments for chest, abdomen and groin vibrating.  Please call head to ensure I am in town. 
647-272-6566 Toronto Wanda’s Good Vibrations.

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