Should have been born a man

At least according to the turmeric coloured palm reader in Pondicherry (Puducherry).  The french town of South India.  The women of the south use turmeric to protect them from the sun.
Anyway, I decided it would be fun to get my palm read, since this part of India is well know for this kind of thing.  So after leaving the quite solitude of the ashram, where the flowers on the marble alter were so intoxicating it was like a potion wafted over me as I lay may head on the cool marble and thanked the universe, I walked into the bustling street.
Just before getting attacked by a group of Bollywood look-a-like teenagers for photographs I got a $1.25 worth of palm reading.  These are the highlights:
1.) I should have been born a man.  Since I wasn’t, I will rule over my husband. Big surprise there.  😀
2.) Future husband beware, because I will have 5 children.  Given my age, this may mean going to the route of Angelina Jolie.
3.) I will have a big house and car.
4.) I should beware of evil things.  Heck!  Shouldn’t we all.
5.) I have two opportunities, either to work in government or myself.  Isn’t that most of population?
6.) I have something to express, and will do so in the next five days.  That means by Friday January 29th.  Look out for that post folks.
7.) I should make decisions slowly.

No great insights, but what to do expect for a buck 25.


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