Banana Mash

Just had the best spice plantation walk.
Did you know?…
…curry leaves are full of calcium. 
…fresh pepper tastes like a strong breath mint. 
…the smaller the hot chili the hotter.  I think my tongue is still swollen.
…coffee off the tree tastes like a grape.
…cocoa off the branch is waxy and a little bitter, but a great anti-oxidant.
After that the spice plantation owner Mr. Abraham of the 80 gardens book fame treated us to a fabulous dinner.  Full of parantha (layers bread), curry chicken, Kerala 21 spice curry fish, cabbage, cassava and tapioca mash and rose rice.  Washed down with boiled water and cumin seeds.  So tasty.  I have never eaten so much.  All served on a huge banana leaf and eaten with out hands.  Trying to pick up rice is an art and I think I may have mastered it…almost.  Got to make sure to keep a spot on your banana leaf clean for the best dessert ever, banana mash.  Take a serving spoon full of rose rice and put it on the banana leaf, top it with fresh curd, spoon full of sugar.  Then take a sweet mini-banana and with your fingers mash it your desired consistency and enjoy.  I enjoyed it twice.  So yummy.  Banana mash a la Mr. Abraham.
OMG!  Yikes!  A frog is jumping around the internet cafe.  Got to go.

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