City of Dreamers…More like dreams and nightmares.

Mumbai/Bombay may be the city of dreamers, but entering it on Friday night was more like being part of a dream, movie and video game all rolled into one.
My cabby, like all are nuts.  They enter into a drag race with each other.  All of them cutting each other off and then driving in the middle of two lanes so other cabbies can’t pass them.  No speedometers.  Running red lights. We had a very near miss. Maybe they are all colour blind. Plus the blind spot must be huge, with no side view mirrors, and hanging half their bodies out of one side of the vehicle as they yell at cars in their way.  Which is ever car.  The best was the horn of this one cab.  It was actually a light switch in the steering wheel, and a horn would blast when he flicked it on and off.  I wasn’t sure if he was telling people to pass or ordering chai.
Regardless of the fear factor of it all it was quite fun being in side one of my nephews dragging racing games and the scene was breathtaking.  At that speed the lights along Marine Drive, named the Queen’s Necklace were dazzling.  Turning the corner minutes later revealing the Gateway of India was spectacular.  It was completely lit up with 200 hundred uniformed clad people marching in front.  This is not a regular occurrence.  They just happen to be filming a movie that night.  Not sure what.  But the whirlwind ride and the lights was definitely the most spectacular sight I have seen in India.
As for the nightmare portion.  Well, like every cab in Mumbai they may be fast, but they have no idea where they are going.  So after asking at least a dozen people we finally found the hotel.  Not being happy with the tip I offered him he called my hotel reception while I was checking in and then came up stairs to harass us both some more.
But “All is Well”.

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