From an Apocalypse to a Sheik’s Utopia

Wow!  What a difference a 4 hour flight can make.  I have left India and am now in a real life version of Sim City.

I thought Vegas was odd and fake in an over the top Niagara Falls kinda way, but this…this is beyond any imagination.  Well expect maybe the imagination of one ambition Sheik.  
Although, it was been called the Vegas of the east there are some very important differences.  For example, no Celine Dion, no comedians, no gay lion tamers, no Cirque Du Soleil, and no walking around with booze or gambling.  I’ll leave it for you decide whether these are pros or cons.

Arriving in Dubai the same night as Nickle Back, a friends party and after party tickets to Festival City’s fashion show, it was sure to be a wild night. Unfortunately, I also arrived with a serious bout of Delhi Belly leaving me horrifically and falling a sleep in my friends gorgeous Buddha garden all evening.

Taking the city tour bus the next day mostly what I saw were tall buildings and shopping malls sprouting out what once was desert.  Yup, similar to Vegas where all roads lead to a casino, here all roads lead to a shopping mall.  And this places are huge.  With skating rinks, ski lifts, aquariums and so many shops and restaurants it would take a week to see them all.  
But did get to the beach, the museum and the many souks (markets) as well.

Lastly, Dubai would not be complete with a wild ride through the desert, after which I was quite happy I hadn’t eaten for three days and had taken some gravel.  The ride was fast and fun.  My driver was so calm, using only one hand and picking at his nails at his other one, while the 5 grown men with me screamed like children and then threw up when they got out.  

A good weekend in a desert Utopia.

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