Never go to work

I've been home for the last week taking a little break from all the adventures up until now.  It has been quite interesting  being home.  The Delhi Belly has finally passed and I have been able to gorge on all the food I missed while I was away.  Mama's home cooking, veggies and berries.  Yummy!

Had a visit at work too which was good, but I think my smiling face surprised everyone, since quoting my boss "You never smiled like that when you were at work."  Haha!  I thought, true, but then explained why I was so happy.  "I had hot water today, flushed the toilet and didn't kill a cockroach.  This is the best day yet."  
But seriously, now that a week has passed and I have had a chance to reconnect with everyone and listen to the old gripes about work and life.  And although I sympathize with you and realize that when I am back in about 9 months I will be like that again too, in the meantime I will be singing this They Might Be Giants song 

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