I often wonder is it best to keep your intentions to yourself until you are truly ready to fulfill them, or is it best to express them as soon as you feel it.  Is putting it out to the Universe a help or a hinderance?

By expressing an intention (big or small) right away does it make it real?  Ancient cultures like the Greeks and Romans believed that if you uttered a curse out loud it was so powerful that it brought it into existence.  Aimee Mullins makes this reference in her Ted Talks She goes on to discuss how you define, in her a example a disabled person, but really anyone, can shape who they become and what they believe they are capable of achieving.  I don’t doubt that that is true, and I am sure we can each find numerous examples of this in our own lives. Heck, as a teenager when us girls would talk about our future families (the silliness of adolescence), I would joke and say I’d love to have a kid and tell them how ugly and stupid they are, but say it in a positive tone that they would think it meant something good.  I still wonder how long that would work. Might be a good thing I was never a teenage mother.  

Okay, so a curse is not exactly an intention, but it brings up the question, do we place more value and truth in other peoples words then in our own? If that is the case than an intention that is not fully formed and is vulnerable to attack like an influential child can be squashed before it’s prime, just by being uttered.

Books like The Secret ( and organizations like Landmark (, praise concepts like the laws of attraction and building a network and community to help people achieve their desires. Verbalizing your attentions to the Universe/People is the first step in making it real.  True, as the old song goes “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world”.  However, if we value the feedback of others higher than our own belief in our dream, we run the risk of the intention being squashed like a grape, that was perfectly sweet and edible, but now is heading for the compost, if the feedback is negative.

What about the intentions that are uttered out loud, but regardless of positive or negative feedback are never fulfilled?  Is it because like the curse we believe it is pretty much done.  By saying it out loud we think we have already fulfilled it and move on to the next intention.  Or is it a desperately cry for help, begging people to hold us accountable to our intentions.  And if no ones does, we either:

1.) Feel satisfied that at least we put it out there so we look caring for saying “We’ll get together and catch-up”, or look like we aren’t so lazy and actually have goals when we say, “I’m going to climb a mountain, or build a house or become president of a multinational company”.

2.) Going back to valuing others peoples words more than our own, we assume that if no one comes forward to hold us accountable then it wasn’t a very good intention.

So what do I conclude form my above garble of whats, ands and ors.  Well, I believe that other peoples words of encouragement and even criticism are all very important.  However, our belief, drive, perseverance in our own intentions are even more important, and we should give that higher value.  In mathematical terms:

Our belief in ourselves > the belief of others in us




3 responses to “Intentions

  1. I would suggest the action is worth more than the intention. Any intention unfulfilled by ourselves dilutes our own or others intentions expressed in the future. I suppose it’s worth while to express an intention when you have to get people on board, or you are looking for support or understanding, but I think society is in a bad habit of talking rather than doing…

  2. Hi Craig,Thanks for the comment. I wholeheartedly agree. People do tend to talk more, whether it’s to safe face or to look like the nice guy, who knows. But unless we follow through with what we say you are right on that all this talking is diluting future intention. I love your use of dilute. Hit the nail on the head. Thanks!

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