Your Vanity May Make You a Terrorist Suspect

Well, I’m off again.  After just over 2 weeks in Toronto, re-cooperating from my India travels.  Catching up with friends, family and co-worker, I’m ready.  Actually I was ready after about 5 days in Toronto.  When the beaming smile began to fade and I the joy of having hot water, flushing toilet and not having to kill cockroaches daily was but a blog post. 

Off to South America, where once again upon my return I will be happy for running water, toilet paper in the toilet, drinking water from the sink and no gut rot…else I do it to myself by eating a whole pizza, bag of chips and a tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Anyway, enough of what may happen.  What is happening?  And where am I heading?
Off to Ollantaytambo, Peru  Which is a great little town about 2 hours outside of Cuzco. I will be in a home stay here for at least a month volunteering with kids, doing sports and rhythmic gymnastics.  I hope it all works out.  Then, who knows may stay longer or just travel around Peru and Bolivia.  But first I have to survive the flight.

Packing was fun.  My attempt to keep it small was null and void once I agreed to have English teaching books shipped to me for the school In Ollantaytambo.  So the Canada came with me again.  Along with a fabulous new pack.  I may become a backpacker after all.  Will let you all know what pack it is once it lives up to my expectations.

Flying to Cuzco, via Lima and New York I knew I had to get to the airport early, because of the continuing New York security.  After a final meal of hummus and veggies I was off. 

Airport security to the New York has gotten high tech since my New Years Eve flight.  They now have this probes that they stick into your carry-on bags to test for chemicals.  Guess what?  I tested positive. I couldn’t believe.  But I  just laughed, unpacked everything that barely fit in my 30L Saloman day pack and turned on my new HP mini computer so they could see it wouldn’t explode.  After which, I was told to spread my legs and hunch over the table to get a thorough search.  During which they asked “Have you come in contact with any chemicals?” With raised eyebrow, “Explosive, medication?” I had to smile and say, “No, contact solution, multivitamins.”  After finding nothing they let me know go.  As I walked musing to myself whether I should have joked that my mother is a chemical engineer it dawned on me.  Light bulb!  I dyed my hair an hour before my flight.  Peroxide!!!

So the moral of the story, keep the grey until you have landed.


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