We are not in India anymore Toto

Wow!  As much I would like to stay away from comparing countries.  Since they each provide their own beauty and unique experiences, it’s really hard not to notice the contrast when arriving in Cusco.  As soon as I got off the plane I was surrounded by high, lush green mountains, a bright blue sky, and smiling faces saying “Hola!”   And the taxi ride was pleasant.  I was actually able to fall asleep.  The taxi had a speedometer and presumably a working horn.   Although I didn’t hear it once.  Each driver just when slow and with courtesy passed or let others pass.  I couldn’t believe it.  A far cry from India indeed. But then again I’m not in a big Peruvian city yet.  So who knows.  For now I am enjoying the peace and quite.

However, they dogs are more aggressive here,  since they are well fed unlike in India and have the energy to chase you on your run.  Which I have been privy too.  After sticking to the trail along the river where the dogs don’t go I decided to venture off, passing a girls football (soccer) match, wondering through some farmers fields and then crossing some train tracks I finally experienced the crazy, barking down.  Freaked me out.  Thankfully the owner was close by and an potential biting..by him or me was avoided.  I have since learned that throwing them some bread will calm them down.  I guess on my next run I won’t just be carrying a hydration pack.


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