Living with Cinderella

I think Cinderella lives in my homestay.  About 3 days after I arrived a little girl named, Jessica (I find it funny that they name all their kids very western names), who is 10 years old.  She is Bambina’s niece, and from what I can gather her mother is in another town and the schools are better her, so Jessica stays here Monday to Friday.  They treat her very well and she seems very happy. Always wants to talk, play games and braid my hair.  However, when she isn’t doing those things, I’ll find her peeling potatoes early in the morning while we have breakfast.  At the market while we are having lunch.  And made to clean and fetch things during dinner.

Last night she was cleaning corn, so I stared to help her.  Once it was all cleaned, us and the whole family began taking each kernel off the cob and peeling them.  Tomorrow we make tamales.  Yummy.

I hope she finds her prince.  (Yup.  I hide it well, but I think really deep down I might be a romantic. Blugch)


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