Coming for a visit, consider the following…

1.)  If you decide to visit bring flea repellent.  Although I haven't touched any dogs and my homestay doesn't have any.  This place is infested.  I thought I was safe, but after my visit to the community centre and playing and teaching the kids.  You may ask your local pet store if those liquid capsules you put on the back of cats and dogs necks works on humans.

2.) The highest SPF sunscreen you can find. My legs are still hurting form the burn I acquired 4 days ago.  I can't believe I walked along the Great Wall of China for two days, ran part of the Hong Kong Trial, trekked Annapurna and was in India and Dubai and didn't look like I left Toronto, and 3 days in Peru, I look like a lobster.

3.) Toilet paper.  Actually, you don't have to bring this, it can be purchased here.  I just don't understand that ever time I go in to the washroom it is out of toilet paper.  My host family members don't seem to notice, they go do their business and come out with out using toilet paper.  In Nepal and India I know they use the little side shower, but they don't have that here.  So am I a little confused.

4.) Spanish.  A little Spanish can go a long way , if you are doing it on your own.  I hope my classes kick in soon.  My host family keeps throwing in Quechua though.


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