Crop circles and bubble wrap

Okay, so no they aren't really crop circles.  But when you first look up into the majestic, green and rocky mountains all around and see numbers,symbols, words shaved into the landscapes you got to wonder.  What aliens were hear?  Alas, no aliens, well none that I have seen or at least are explainable.  These symbols, words, numbers represent the schools in the district.  That's one way to find your way to school.  I guess kids can't say they got lost.  I like street names and signs, but heck that's just me.
I know you are all concerned about my sunburn so I thought I would update you on the latest development.  Since my skin is so dry and burnt every time I get sweaty form a long hike in the burning heat or my mid-day run; yup, I'm the crazy Canadian running during siesta time; my skin bubbles.  I think it's because the sweat can't escape.  Attractive, I know.  It's realy cool though, 'cause when I rub the skin on my legs it pops like bubble wrap.  Pop. Pop. Pop.

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