More toilet and driving observations

So the toilet situation just gets weirder.  No matter whether a man or a women exits the bathroom, the toilet seat is always up.  Cleatly, the squat is doing well.  Also, I am all for the environment and conserving water.  So I'm down with "when yellow, let it mellow". But someone needs to teach them "when brown, flush it down."  Ugh!  
Finally, (I hope),  I know people are going to the bathroom, and yet when I get there there is no toilet paper.  Serviettes, at the dinner table all the time, but toilet paper no.  If they run out of serviettes poor Cinderella has to run out in the middle of dinner to buy some, but toilet paper can be forgotten about for days.  I suppose they want to make sure their hands are clean when they wipe themselves with them. 
Why I put driving and toilets together you may wonder, but it makes prefect sense to me.  Since, clearly people are scared poopless of being in the mini-van with 20 plus other pople seeing as they, including the driver cross themselves at ever dangerous curve (curvas peligrosas).  There is even a Saint of Dangerous Turns right outside of my village.
I feel really sorry for the old women that get on late and have to stand hunched over by the mini-van door, they feel ever bump.  But there is know way I can get up to give them my seat.  Have you ever tried to stand-up in a mini-van with 20 plus people in it?  Believe me it's not possible.  And don't me started on trying to get out before the bus terminal.  Which I do on a daily basis for my Spanish classes.  They really need a Chrysler 2sliding door caravan here.  It would make it easier for exiting, but those cars do have a history of breaking in half because of the doors.  Okay, on second thought, I think I'll bike.

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