Boob nation

This is not the "navel of the world" it is the "boob of the world".  And I am not referring to boobies, as in the birds of the Galapagos.  I mean large, small, perky, saggy, swaying, jiggling, long nippled and short nippled breasts.  Yup.  India may have been full of cocks, but Peru is full of boobs. 
Sandwiched between two breast feeding mothers, in the collectivo mini-bus from Urubamba to Ollantaytambo, with the children resting their heads on my arms as they suckled I realized the ladies her take out their "ladies" for anything.
If the child (some older than I think reasonable, but heck I've never been a mother) starts to cry, out comes the boob to sooth.  If the child is smiling, out comes the boob to maintain the tranquility.  If the kid starts clawing at the mothers chest, well of course the boob comes out then.  I have, in less than a month seen more breasts than I thought possible, unless I became a lesbian.
Experts may tell me that this is better of bonding and nutrition of the baby and preferable to the plastic soothers used in North America and other places.  And I don't doubt that.  However, I am sure these experts also were never sandwiched between a set of suckling babes in a crowded collectivo.


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