Milk makes the bones hard

We all do and see a lot while we volunteer in rural areas.  Respecting the seriousness of the situations of the people we are trying to help.  Whether it be teaching the locals English.  Buying, selling and promoting the traditional weaving of textiles.  Showing tourists what it is really like to live in the remote areas and what the needs of these people are.  Or simply giving the kids a little bit of fun by organizing football and volleyball or even rhythmic gymnastics.  My personal favorite.  Yup, I'm the instructor.  And of course tending to the sick in the medical clinics or just helping cleaning the clinic.   Which seriously needs it.  However, every once in a while we need to let loose and be a little creative with our volunteering and fundraising efforts.  We noticed that on Fridays when most of the many out of the way communities come down to the clinic they seemed really tired and hungry.  Seeing the "hungry eyes" of the children that should be smiling was heart breaking.  So we decided to serve them breakfast on those mornings.  Nutritional and tasty breakfast that many of them would never get, living mostly on meals of boiled potatoes and rice.  Plus it entices them down to the clinic for regular check up.  On these Friday mornings we serve them chocolatata (chocolate milk), hot oatmeal and wholewheat bread.  This may be the most nutritional meal of their whole week.  Milk giving them the needed calcium for strong bones, a little sweetness with the chocolate, protein in the oatmeal and fibre in the whole wheat.   It costs only $750 to provide this on a weekly basis for a year.  But how does a cash scraped organization provide this for a whole year and more hopefully.  Well we get creative in our fundraising efforts. 
Milk does make the bones hard, and sex sells.  Check out the link to see what creative fundraising and pass it on to your friends.  Better yet donate.

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