Adios Ollantay

Well that’s it.  Six weeks in Ollantaytambo just flew by.  I covered a lot of terrain.  Treks all around this great town, as well as a 5 day run away to Choquequiroa.  However, I still didn’t get to see the largest ruins in Ollantaytambo.  Maybe when I return for Pentecost, a 4 day dance festival.
I tried to learn a little Spanish.  Let’s see if I can’t improve on it while I travel around.
Taught some rhythmic gymnastics which I’m really going to miss.  I forgot how much I missed it.  Will certainly have to start teaching it again when I back in Toronto full-time.  I know the kids enjoyed it, even when I made the late ones run laps and do two minutes of floor bicycling in the cornet before they could get a ribbon.  However, whenever I would line them up at the end and make them all say “Gracias Wanda.  Hasta Manana”, they always did it with a smile.  So I know they liked it.  Even if I am a drill sergeant sometimes.  🙂  Got to have discipline and fun in every sport.
I will miss my roommies at the volunteer house and our Tuesday morning 6a.m. walks to the fruit truck for even cheaper fruit.  Our communal lunches and dinners and helping each other with the shower fuse.
I had an awesome last day.  Took my borrowed “Last Days of the Inca” book and sat on stone bench reading and glancing occasionally at the beautiful azul sky, dotted with fluffy clouds and the great green and rocky mountains that still mesmerize me.  Causing me to think everyday, “Wow, this is my back yard for 6 weeks.”
Did some haggling in the market after the swarm of bees came by and I was grabbed and covered with an alpaca blanket by 3 market ladies.
And had a fun last rhythmic gymnastics classes.  Of course ending with giving each of them pens and chocolate loonies.
Ending the day with a great meal (Thanks Will and Jessica), fabulous cookies (Thanks Marjo.  First cookies she ever made. I feel privileged), whip cream (Thanks Haydan.  That’s some wrist action) to go with a tasty fruit salad, and other great company (Hallie and Cailan).  And of course no last meal is complete without some red wine (Chilean of course.  Peruvian wines suck) and Pisco.
Gonna miss you Ollantay and all the folks I met. I may even miss the taxi and collectivo drivers yelling “Uru..urubamba!”
Thank you Awamaki and everyone I met!
Hasta luego!


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