On my own again

Think "The Littlest Hobo" when you read this blog title and sing.
That is what I am.  After 6 weeks of staying in one place.  The longest I've been in one place since I started my year off, I am alone again.  Trying to remember how to be a solo traveller and maneuvering may way with my limited Spanish through Peru and Bolivia for the next 6 weeks.  My bags are packed to full.  It's either too much or too little.  In this case I may be leaving a bread crumb of clothes a long the coast of Peru.
Anyway, headed to Cuzco first.  So not so far.  To set-up my trek to Salkantay and Machu Picchu starting Monday.  Very excited!  As I drop in the collectivo to Cuzco I was sad to leave the friends I made in Ollantay and my little rhythmic gymnasts, but I was truly happy to be on my own and start the next part of this adventure.
Wondering around Cuzco though, I was alone for long, bumping to several Ollantay peeps on the street.  As well as in the local Irish Pub that was calling to me.  Small world.
However, later at night I was reminded that being a lone female travel I need to aware of my surroundings.  I was walking back up the steep hill to my hostel.  A great little place with free wi-fi and breakfast in the San Blas area (trendy place, like the Annex in Toronto), called Hostel El Grial.  Anyway, I spotted this restaurant, and although I wasn't hungry I wanted to read the menu.  So I popped into the hallway, when I Peruvian man followed me.  He asked my name, and being the courtesy Canadian traveller I answered sweetly "Wanda', before I could notice he had his pants undone and was drunk.  He then began making kissy noises and coming closer.  Hungry or not, I darted into the restaurant.
I was great little place, called Granja Heidi's Cafe.  Own by a European man, who seemed very gruff at first with greying hair and glasses, but when he smiled his eyes sparkled and you felt instantly at ease.  I had a fabulous pumpkin soup.  Proceeded by an appetizer of potato and cheese, topped with the typical Peruvian spicy green sauce.  Accompanied with an amazing pineapple and mango juice.  Dessert was a Russian cheesecake and hot chocolate, a Peruvian specialty.
Finally walked back to my hostel only receiving one kissy noise.

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