Peruvian Pick-up Lines and Tactics

While in Ollantay for 6 weeks and on several treks I was led to believe that Peruvian men were gentlemen.   Well, except for the occasional cat call and whistle.  Harmless.  However, with in two days of travelling on my own I was quickly brought up to speed.
This is a country to be on your toes around as a single woman.  Not in a bad way, they are relatively harmless.  They just love to love.  The idea that someone is single is odd to them.  Even saying you have a boyfriend or girlfriend back home doesn’t help.  You don’t have one here so you’re still free game.  Personally l think it’s the maca, apparently one of the active ingredients of Viagra.
Anyway, here is a relatively PG version of some Peruvian pick-up tactics.
First was a young rasta looking kid, camping on the beach in Paracas that wanted to show me the dolphins. I didn’t realize it was a line until it was clear he was steering me away from the dolphins and then tried to salsa dance with me. Which is really hard in the sand. So after the ass grab and the lean in, I got away and headed for a late lunch, early dinner, where this other guy joined me to chat. Practice his English. Another line. Anyway, I let him. I mean he seemed harmless. But, since my mother does read my blog. Or at least she tells me she does I won’t bore you with all the details. I will say, we walked around Paracas, had jello and rice pudding on the street. There are regular street vendors and women jumping on buses all over Peru selling jello and rice pudding in plastic cups of s/1. Rico! Anyway, we then hopped in a taxi to have Piscos in Pisco. Getting back to Paracas he tried the “I have to use the bathroom” line to get into my hotel. But that got nipped in the bud. Pee in nature like everyone else does buddy.
The best though was in Huacachina.  The sand boarding renter that offered to join me on my sand boarding adventure.  Or more accurately would take no for answer when he did offer, so I suppose just followed me up the sand dune.  The first attempts to ride the board were just to use it as a sled. I got on and was about to go when he hopped on the back. Okay.  That’s cool.  But instead of putting his hands around my waste, his arms went around my waste but his hands went right for the crouch.  Seriously!! The crouch!!!  No foreplay.  Just a straight out crouch grab.  There was no wiggling out of it either he had a good grip on my yaya, I had to pry his fingers off like a kid hugging a cookie jar or a crazy girl/boyfriend holding a key to the handcuffs.  Nuts!!!
Peruvians are really helpful and great to chat with to improve my Spanish.  But I am sticking to crowded rooms from now on.


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