Hostels – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So I haven’t stayed in many traditional hostels during this trip. Well, ever actually. I’m just don’t think I’m the type. I never went away to school. So never had to share my room or my stuff or shower in communal washrooms, unless at the gym. Plus with it being so cheap, I don’t need to. I get a private room, with private bathroom,wi-fi and breakfast for only a little more than double or dorm style hostel.

With that said, I have stayed in 3 during these travels and this is a bit about the good the bad and the ugly of hostel living.

On my way to Arequipa, it was super convenient and I am so grateful to the guys for letting me know where they were staying. Arriving at 2a.m. was not fun and I really didn’t want to pay a ton of money for 5 hours sleep. It was quite, clean albeit dingy and super cheap. That’s the “good”.

On my way to Puno I met a girl on the bus, and as is my usual travel way I never know where i am staying until I get in the taxi and either I tell him a place from my travel book or I let him show me a couple of places he thinks are good. Seems to work. In this case though my friend was already headed to Point Hostel. Since I had heard good things from other friends I thought I would check it out. Luckily, we decided to room together, so no 8 person dorm for me. That was a “good”. However, we were right beside the breakfast/tv/bar/party room. Not so good, “bad”.

The first night the workers decided to party there. Nuts. The other nights were just as loud, but at least they end it about 1a.m. So pretty reasonable.

On the second day when I got back from touring the island I bumped into Oliver, a guy I had down the Ica Wine/Pisco tour with. He just facebooked friended me when he looked up to see me. So cool. Way “good”. Since the hostels are word of mouth type places we often meet the same people. And if you liked them that’s really “good”, if not really “bad”.

Now as for La Paz. This is where the scales were tipped. So far I had one “good” and one “bad” experience. But “ugly” ways out all.

Not being left at the bus terminal in La Paz, I thought I wasn’t going to stay at Adventure Brew, where Marjo was a wondered trying to find a place in Rough Guides. Again Rough Guides let me down, since this place was no where. My pack was heavy, so I grabbed a cab and headed to Adventure Brew. They were packed, but they have another location 200m away called the annex. Anyway I headed there and got a room in the 8 bed dorm. My first time the top bunk of a bunk bed since Island School. Oh dear. I’m glad I’m still pretty agile at 36.

That night I got onto my top bunk anticipating a bad sleep. Surprisingly it was incredibly quiet. Until…

…drunken fugly. Yup, I said fugly. Fat and ugly. Aussie chick came in a starting having sex with carrot top on her top bunk. How do I know how they look in the dark you wonder. No it’s not because I watched, just read on. They were actually quite quiet, but everyone knew what was going on. I was about to put my earplugs in when “THUD!!!”.

“UGH!” Fugly yelled.

“Where were you going?” whispered Carrot Top.

“Toilet.” Fugly meekly answered.

“Are you okay.” Carrot Top

“Toilet, toilet.” Fulgly repeated.

“Okay, I’ll take you.” Said the chivalrous Carrot Top.

Of they hobbled. While I suppressed laughter. Then I had to pee and these how I know what Carrot Top and Fugly look like.

Next morning at the all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast (not as good as it sounds), I found out that Fugly’s friend was doing the top bunk bed nasty in the other dorm. Unfortunately not so quietly. People complained and the guy actually retorted “If you want to sleep go to the lounge.”

Good, bad and ugly. I’m sticking to private rooms.


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