My day in Tiawanaku was pretty enlightening. You hear so much about Incan culture, but never about Tiawanakan. According to this tour it has a longer and maybe even stronger history than the Inca’s. Originating in Lake Titicaca and building temples just outside of Puno right under the Southern Cross. With the largest Pachamama built. It was around well before the Romans, Egyptian and other cultures. The theory of their collapse is that they performed a lot of cranial surgeries believe that headaches could be relived by drilling holes in the skull and releasing the pressure. Obviously this did not work and so they lost many of the royalty this way. I would really like to read more about this culture. If anyone has book suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

As is often the way of the wayward travel a funny thing happened as I was sitting on the tour bus, person I had met in Puno and two people on my bus from Puno got on the tour bus. It is so much fun to see familiar faces on the road.


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