Friendly Fernie

I have started my Canada portion of my year off in Fernie.  The heart of the Kooteneys.  It is beautiful.  Surrounded by mountains, still slightly snow capped even in June.  Where I am told is some of the best skiing, but I will hit these trails for mountain biking.  In particular a mountain bike course with Sacred Rides ( 
With in two days I pretty much had walked the whole town.  It consists of the Ridgemont area, where I am staying in a great bungalow all to myself.  West Fernie area where I'll be staying for the course.  Lastly the town, which is 1 to 16th streets, by 1 to 12 avenues.  Pretty straight forward. 
Found out the house I am renting is owned my a Slovak.  Of course!  We are everywhere.
Met a Bristol professor that just got back from 4 months in Peru.  Made me feel right at home.
A have gotten the names and number of a bunch of people to ride, hike and yoga with.
Super friendly people, always wanting to help.  Stopping in the middle of the street to let you cross, rather than try and run you down.
Some of the best yoga ever too.  More geared towards trail runners and mountain bikers.  So really great for the multi-athlete.
Super organic eats too.
Love the friendly small town.  I feel like I'm in the Gilmore Girls.

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