Trail Thoughts

I am always surprised by the great ideas and epiphanies I come up with during my trial runs.  Clearly from the articles and numerous studies below and all over the web, I shouldn't be. 
Even if I have a run where no epiphanies or "great" ideas are the result I still feel a huge benefit just through the necessity of focusing on my breathing and making my way up a tough climb or down a technical, rooty downhill.  The act of focusing on something so basic is a great way to exercise my brain and far more beneficial than any computer or Mensa exercise.  Not that those don't have those benefits.  However, through exercise I get to train my head as well as my heart, lungs, legs and the rest of the important muscles that make me up.
So why is it that when I feel this way after a run I don't do it more often?  That's the key.  To remember this feeling and make it habit forming.  According to this article and habit forms by doing it everyday for 28 days.  The problem we have with keeping to an exercise regiment is that we usually don't do it straight for 28 days.  Falling of the exercise wagon just one day will cause you to start from day one, literally. 
As for these great ideas and epiphanies I came up with during this run.  Well one is the pact that I will not forget this feeling and will do my own 28 day challenge.  As for the others, well if you get a call from me chances are you came up during my run.  Otherwise be on the look out for more Wanda Wonders updates.

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