Life is like a Game of Dominoes

I love and am always pleasantly surprised when I meet up with people during my travels (and life in general) that I didn’t expect to. 
For example as I sat on a tour bus in Bolivia to see Tiahanacu and a friend I had met on the Uros floating islands 3 days before walked on.  I mean what are the chances that we would take the same tour on the same day.  Amazing! 
Or, when volunteering at Full Moon in June at Crowsnest Pass, Alberta having Lawrence Foster, of Mantracker and other fame pop out of the woods.
Not to forget meeting Rupert who I met my 3rd day in Fernie wearing a Peru t-shirt and am now staying in his sisters lodge with him.  Just happen to be the lodge SacredRides using for their mountain bike camp.  Crrraxy!!  Maybe these are just happy coincidences and I have been reading to much Paulo Coelho, but somehow I can never quite shake the feeling that things like this are just meant to happen.  That is, the universe some how conspires in a random yet controlled kind of way.  Like dominoes.  Rows and rows of perfectly shaped black rectangles with their individual white dots are stacked and formed all around our world.  Once they are set in motion they tumble and scatter around crisscrossing each other several times through out the process.  Sometimes crossing paths very early, and then not again until later.  Some times for very brief periods and other times for much longer.  Travelling in unison in individuals rows but at the same pace.  Kind of like a relationship or running naked along a beautiful green ridge, surrounded by snow cap mountains.  Oops, did I just admit to running naked?  Love, volunteering at remote checkpoints and doing new things.  🙂 
Seriously though life to me is like a game of stacked dominoes.  Where we tumble and fall all over the map, meeting new people and having new experiences that move us in different directions.  Where the number of white dots keep changes, just as we as individuals keep evolving.
At times the direction the movement takes you may be way up, only to fall down a wild ramp and pause at the bottom.  Then you simply start again throwing yourself against another row of dominoes and begin the crisscrossing all over again.

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