Letters from Camp

Letter #1 from Camp

Dear Mom,

I want to go home. Camp sucks. Well, no, that’s not true. I suck at mountain biking. I can’t do pop-a-wheelies. They are speaking in terms I don’t understand. Like, rad, cowboy legs, and four and aff. I didn’t think I went to a foriegn country. Why did you send me here? Oh yeah. You didn’t. I willing paid to be tortured and reminded on a daily basis how bad I am at mountain biking. Everyone is so darn encouraging it makes me sick.

I want to go home,


Letter #2 from Camp

Dear Mom,

Everyone is so Rad!!! I love it here. I can ride up mountains and down mountains and when I fall I don’t break anything. Yet!! But if I did that would be cool. I have tonnes of scraps and bruises. They are like metals. The guides are great and so encouraging, it makes me want to bike more.

I never want to leave,

Wanda Woman

N.B. These camps are awesome and for more information go to http://www.sacredrides.com/


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