What I learned at Mountain Bike Camp

1. It is possible to ride on a severely brunt foot. Especially if you use clipless. Even better if you are taking antibiotics and don’t bail to often.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others. You may be younger or older. You may be biker longer or shorter. But treat your ride like you yoga practice. It’s just you and the bike and the trail. Focus! Enjoy! Don’t look around!

3. If you look over the edge of the cliff you will go there.

4. A tire tube makes for a goof tourniquet.

5. B4 and Af are body positions.

6. Cowboy legs is not referring to the Calgary Stampede.

7. Always fart to the outside of the turn.

8. You can be loose and in the ready position at the same time.

9. Angels cards can help you get through the day. As can great guides.

10. Mountain bike trails have funny names: Slunt (Grunt and a Slog), Broken Derailleur, Swine Flu.

11. I can embrace the fact that I suck at something and enjoy the learning. Yup! That’s called “PLAY”.

12. You got to Pin it, to win it.

13. Rail on those downs.

14. Crying at the top of a mountain can be very therapeutic. Sometimes is the only way to get your “ovaries” strapped on.

15. I love muddy downhills and not using my breaks.

16. I can lift my front and back wheel on demand….most of the time.

17. Girls are RAD mountain bikers.



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