Nutty Nelson and Super Side Trips

The depiction of Nelson in the movies is pretty accurate to real life. With lines like, “Irony doesn’t work here. People walk around naked all the time”, from Roxanne. Which of course I had to watch while I was in Nelson and then spent the next 3 days trying to find the houses shown in the film. As well as debating the difference between irony and sarcasm. I will not discuss that here, you will just have to look it up yourself and choose to use them correctly from now on. I say from now on, because I am certain you have been using them wrong your entire life.

Full of yoga places, farmers markets, trails you’d think I’d be right at home. However, I am not sure about a long term stay here the way I was with Fernie. I am a little worried that I would be saying things like “Hey man, mellow hot, pass me that brownie and lets do some yoga” or singing to funny songs at the farmers market. Wait, I did do that. “A kooky girl was talking to a kooky guy. It’s a kooky world.” It was very catchy. Then I’ll start braiding my hair and wearing paisley. Also, not a huge stretch. Maybe I do belong in Nelson. After all they make some great chocolate, hemp flavoured no less.

Other highlights:

1. A back woods rave. You just had to be there. It was pretty impressive that these kids pulled it out. Plus, except for a discarded pink sleeping bag and a pair of pants, was really clean the next day.

2. The walk back to where I was staying reminded my of Bolivia. Up, up, up.

3. Trials all around.

4. A bridge to go puenting on. Which we faked. My partner in crime being a former child advocate against booze and drugs was nervous just holding the unopened bottle on the bridge.

5. Silver Slocan Circle Tour. One of the many BC Superside Trips. Complete with a mining ghost town in Sandon. Very cool, with a old trolley buses and the hickest kid you ever saw. Who may now be mayor. Wilson Creek Falls, a great trail and probably the strongest falls I have been that close to. Galean Trail, with the Alamo siding and a cable car crossing. a Slovak owned naturapath store and juice bar in Ainsworth. Where we were treated to free juice, and special mans and ladies versions. Lastly, hot springs! What’s a superside trip with out hot springs. Where everyone runs out during to lightening no less.

6. Buying “Feel this Book”, a self-help and relationship book by Ben Stiller and Jeanne Garofolo. Who knew? Only $5.

7. Pulpit rock. Great hill training. Come prepared with a sermon.


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