Road Trip – Nelson to Vancouver

Riding the open road from Nelson to Vancouver is a trip everyone should do. Well actually just riding around in Vancouver, anywhere to anywhere, I think is pretty spectacular. Trees are tall. Yup! That’s what I said. There is not a better description I can find, except that…Trees are Tall. They really, really are. Mountains are big. Water is Powerful. At least here I am not going with the obvious, wet.

I know it’s silly, since I was constantly reminded it was by my driver (no I did not have a chauffeur, it was a friend driving his very old, but super jeep). But really trees are tall. I just couldn’t help stating the obvious, a lot. Kind of like when I woke every day in Ollantaytambo Peru and stared in amazement at the mountains. The mountains are huge. It just fills me with so much wonder. The wonder of how were they created, mountains or trees or water (rivers, falls). How do they stand the test of time? Will they stand the test of time? How we have so little to do with it? I could go on on that vein of thought, but you may think Nelson’s kookiness has embedded itself in me already, so I will switch to my other wonders. The wonder of running through them, up them, around them. I almost feel as if they could talk and tell me what they have seen and what they want from the future. I know. I’ve lost it. But trees are tall and driving out of Nelson towards Vancouver, that was what I was thinking, until…

…with the continuous coaxing of my driver, to find something cool on the map. I noticed Ghost Town. Off to the Ghost Town we went, following some rough side roads and ATV trails until the spot on the map. Unfortunately, no ghost town. The ghost town was truly a ghost town, in the fact that is wasn’t there anymore. Did find one of the great “interest points”, not really that interesting. Drove out of Bridesville, which probably the ugliest town I have ever seen. Geoff renamed it “Leather skinned, divorced cougar town.” Fitting.

Getting closer to the Okanagan the terrain changes. No more tall trees. If you are every driving through you have to stop in Osoyoos at least to see the view from the look out near the observatory ( It would great to try out this telescope some time. A the city itself looks like a little amusement park.

The fruit stands in the Okanagan are amazing, and makes for a very munchy Wanda the whole drive. I think I only stopped eating the cherries when I was driving for 20 minutes. I was trying to give my driver and break so he could work before a skype meeting. But I think I was making him nervous. He kept saying I looked uncomfortable. I wasn’t. I just don’t drive through such windy, hilly roads.

Practiced shooting cherry pits out the window. Road trips are fun.


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