A Fisherman Called Wanda

As soon as I got into Port Hardy I headed to the docks on the advice of the North Coast Hostel owner and it was the best advice. Within in 5 minutes I was chatting with 3 guys and invited to dinner on their boat, in exchange for helping them load up the boat.

The boat was awesome. A 1941 fishing vessel called the Union, with a pirate flag and the cleanest engine I have ever seen. i could eat off it. My kitchen isn’t that clean.

All the guys were originally from Ontario,but now living in and around BC. The owner and fabulous chef, he should have his own program on the Food Network, is a retired orchard owner in Kelowna. A miner, just back from 3 months in Africa, and a coast guard. After a great dinner we called it a night in order to get up early for fishing the next day.

Early the next morning I got to boat, had breakfast and headed out with Arnie to get our fishing licenses, something I never thought I would own. Great day on the water and got my first fish. A 20lbs (that might be stretching it) pink salmon. Joshua caught a 35 lbs spring salmon, and with expert hands sliced and diced it back on the dock.

Heading to the dock in a fishing town the best vacation move!


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