I Heart RTNX

After a great day of fishing I got cleaned up and went for a 3 hour run around Port Hardy. Through the industrial part of town along the fisheries until I hit Quaste Trail. Around the Quaste Trail twice because even a marked trail confuses me. Then across the flat part of the Estuary Trail until the Estuary Trail extension. This part was fabulous! A brand new trail. Starting in a thick forest, travelling up and up, passing small creeks and large logs. Finally hitting the lake. Travelling around the lake for 2-3 km on wooden planks. I think running on this might qualify me for the balance beam competition in the next summer Olympics. London here I come!

On my run back a long the great wooded trail, windy, rooty and totally secluded I decided to try my new found love of naked running and bore it call. Wow! Running in a brand new Brazilian with I heart RTNX bedazzled is amazing. Those of you that don’t know what RTNX is please following this link

http://www.raidthenorth.com/rtnex.html, and those of you that don’t know what bedazzling is following this link http://www.mysugarbox.com/. I promise neither go to a porn site. I’ll give you a moment to peruse these sites.


Yup, that’s right! One of my first stops in Vancouver was to Sugarbox. I figure if I was going to get a brazilian done for the first time I was going to do it right, and BEDAZZLE it! After much deliberation I choice I heart RTNX nether region. It was not nearly as painful as I expected and the bedazzle was just funny at first. I couldn’t believe I had done it.

Back to the naked running. It was little anxiety ridden at frist but then so exhilarating. And the bedazzle just made me run faster. Liberating!!! I even posed for a picture. Got to love camera timers! I have signed an image release form and all pictures of the Brazilian bedazzled with I heart RTNX are authorized for use by Frontier. I am sure Frontier’s CAO will use the utmost discretion when jerking, I mean distributing the images. As pointed out by the CAO I am actually on my way to the location of the last RTNX. Heading on the ferry to Prince Rupert tomorrow morning.


One response to “I Heart RTNX

  1. A brief update on my bedazzled Brazillian.After 2.5 weeks the RTNX rubbed off. In the wash, you dirted minded people. Leaving me with just "I heart". Which kind of looked like "I heart my crotch". A few days later the rest flaked off, with a little help. Surprising the hair growing back is not itchy, like with shaving. However, I have gone from looking like a naked mole rat, to looking like a pubescent boy, just before his first shave.

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