Stamps, Canneries and Dairy – Prince Rupert

After 15 hours on the ferry I was happy to be on solid land. Travelling through the inside passage is a wonderful experience, but really, really long. It was entertaining for the first couple of hours, as the ships captain would prepare us for whales or sea lions and everyone would rush to port or starboard side of the boat. Once the novelty passed and we realized we could baring see them, no one even flinched when the announcements came on, eventually they stopped all together. As the captain got bored of the whole thing.

These boats are huge. With two dining halls, 2 movies showing during the day, a gift shop and a highly informative tourist information centre. Plus the views outside were spectacular, although foggy, wet and very cold.

Getting in off the ferry after 11p.m. didn’t allow me to see much of Prince Rupert, but the next day I got a good look at this town. Some highlights were Cow Bay, a former dairy making area it now houses great eateries. Like Cowpuccino’s, yummy coffee, soups and baked goods. Lots of other great food places, but be warned if you don’t get in early for dinner you are out of luck. Places fill up fast and stop taking orders at 8/8:30p.m. With that said, after my long day of exploring I was out luck and ended up at Smile’s for fish ‘n’ chip, which were tasty and a deal.

Why did I get back to Cow Bay so late? Well, I headed to the cannery and a trail hike for the day.

The cannery is a must see. Even if you aren’t interested in things like canning and history of fishing in these parts you will be highly entertained by the adorable Chinese tour guide constantly cracking jokes about how hard he, the Chinese people worked. The “Iron Chink”. You had to be there. And you should. Unbelievable!

A stroll a long the Butze Rapids, a natural phenomena of a rapid going the opposite direction. Cool!

A couple things I missed out on and will have to go back for are, the bears and a passport stamp.

The Khuzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary is apparently a wonder to see. Unfortunately due to bad weather it was cancelled. Hence I ferried it over to Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte) a day early.

When visiting the Prince Rupert visitors centre make sure to bring your passport so you can get a stamp in it. As I am a Canadian citizen I have not be carrying my passport around and sadly forgot to go back for the stamp. I really wanted one to match my Machu Picchu one. I am so sad.


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