BC Hospitality

Final note on my west coast adventure focuses on the people. Whether native to BC or not everyone I met, from friends of friends to complete strangers were wonderful, warm and eager to share…well, everything.
From Fernie to Port Hardy, people took me into their homes and onto their boats. Ucluelet, Salt Spring and Vancouver were no different. Friends of friends let me crash in their nutty Hugh Hefner inspired rental house during fogust in Ukee. Salt Spring I hung out with fellow Peru volunteers and toured around the wineries and dairies. Even my flight back to Vancouver from Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Island) I made a new friend that explained the whole transit and ferry system and put me up for a night. Not to mention a fabulous motorbike tour of Vancouver. Probably the best way to see the city in a couple of hours.
Besides all the great hospitality I witnessed and was on the receiving end on there are a couple of other things I noticed.
First, people living in BC really l know their nature. Can name and recognize many trees, planets and fruit. Something my mother strived to embed in my head during my summers in Slovakia. Which I also attempted to get a grasp on during my studies at university, getting a minor in botany. Unfortunately, it never quite took. However, this time I think I got and appreciated, with a whole new strive for knowledge.
Secondly, a lot of people living in BC aren’t from BC. I have met many former Ontarians along the way. Thus, since most of the population moved to experience the wonder that is BC, they really do. That is, everyone around are super active, going out during the week and weekends to explore, hike, bike, run, paddle and climb this amazing province. It could take a lifetime to “climb every mountain”, and is why I started to look at job postings a just hours after landing in back in Toronto.
Lastly, the kind hospitality is often accompanied with interesting phrases and no fear of saying how they feel.
My favorite coming from a very skinny, scruffy older man hanging out on his in Salt Spring eating hot dogs with his family. We went over to check out the boat (it was for sale) and as were leaving he said, “You are built like a tube of toothpaste…” …”Squeezed in all the right places.”
Oh, BC charm. How I miss you.


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