Anonymity gone too far?

I am all for fake numbers, names and even an email account you use for those unwanted junk mails when meeting new people you want to late avoid or online solicitations. However, if you are actually signing up for a site from which you want regular updates.  For example travel, job or lets say running or adventure racing why would you put false information?  I mean what is the point of signing up then?  Better yet trying to be funny and putting things like your name is Happy Feet and you live in Funky Town.  Okay, so that’s pretty funny, but wreaks havoc during database clean up.  Please no more, my name is Male and I work as a red tape pusher.  Are you really that concerned that big brother will steal your identity?  I think you think too much of yourself if that’s the case.  Just relax and fill in the info.


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