Comebacks for the single female traveller

As a single female traveller, particularly in South America you are always asked why you are travelling alone, or why you don't have a boyfriend etc. So here are a few comebacks I have used in the past.

When asked…

1.) …Why are you travelling alone?

I say…

…I like to travel alone.

…There is no one to tell me what to do.

…It's easier to get free stuff, like dinner invitations, rides, drinks, when you are single.

2.)…Don't you like men?

I say…

…They don't like me.

…That's right. I don't like men. I like women/dogs/cats…whatever.

3.) When told…

…You should travel with a guy, it is safer and you have someone to keep you warm at night.

I say…

That is why I pack a swiss army knife and a sleeping bag. Neither have to be feed, kicked because it snores, or constantly talking.


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