Winds of Change

As the driver of the taxi uses a wrench to put the windows up and shelter us from the rain I contemplate my decision to change my flight plan. That’s right I am going home. If all goes well. I should be on an overnight bus from Merida to Caracas. Then in less then 12 hours from arriving in Caracas be on an overnight flight to Toronto. Then 36 hours after that be on an overnight flight to Vienna.

I guess that teaches me to start a blog post with “the first of the last”.

I suppose it also teaches me not to book a flight after a post coital feeling of returning from a fabulous destination. Had I done that after Nepal, I would have missed out on Peru and possibly British Columbia.

So far the year has gone great when I just book my flights a week before and stick to my rough plan of places to go. Hence the reason when I was leaving for South America again I had this nagging feeling that I was not going where I had intended. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with changing your mind. And at the time I was ecstatic about heading back to South America. However, usually I can laugh at any set backs or strange customs. Unfortunately, here I just kept getting this nagging feeling I was leaving something behind. After all this idea of a year off, may have been a dream for 4 years, but became a reality when I decided Slovakia would be part of that year. Although, I am not going to do Slovakia the way I initially intended, like all the trips it will be a good scouting opportunity.

So here is to change and listening to your heart, regardless of your stubbornness, ego or pocketbook.

I am a little sad to leave this year and possibly these blog posts in an anticlimactic way. But if I have learned anything from this year, you never know what’s coming next. So who knows the most interesting stories may be just around the corner.

Or I will enjoy 7 weeks of sitting on a bridge in Slovakia dreaming and planning the places next to visit and enjoy.

Oh, and a little advice, as I now sit on the bus freezing my butt off. Bring duct tape to cover the vents. Brrrr.


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