Family, Friends, Old Haunts, New Haunts, and Zumba?

A friend wrote to me as I made my leap from Venezuela to Slovakia, that, “I make the world seem small.” Really it is all just a hop, skip and jump on a plane away.

Even though the first couple days felt like the end of the world might be near. With small frogs infesting the streets at night. Making my mother dance and scream as they jumped on and over her toes. Now the snails are infesting the places. Squishing, splattering all over the sidewalks with out homes. I am waiting for the locusts.

It was a great decision to return to the original plan of heading to Slovakia. Sure it’s not the epic bike trip I had originally dreamed of, but it has been great to see family, friends and old haunts. Chow down on some of my local favorites. Heading directly into the garden to grab some fruits and vegetables fresh off the vine and in the ground. The best way to eat. But don’t get me wrong, a farmer out of me, you won’t get.

Sure some of the old communists ways will take awhile to turn around. Especially the harsh Eastern European way of dealing with customers. Like they are doing you a favour. But I am used it and if they don’t listen to me that is why I bring my mother and her communist uncle. He gets in done. 🙂 Actually that’s not true, they just change their tone finally when he approaches, but I still have to do a lot of paper work to get my EU passport, now that my Slovak one has expired. Oh well.

Ran through and biked past the corn and sunflower fields of my youth. Remembering how the police tried to take us away when we were jumping on the haystacks. Now I learn that these fields are covered in “Round-up” and Monsanto seeds. Ugh!

Saw some old churches I hadn’t seen before. Made in 1681 completely out of wood, even the nails. How that could be after 10 visits, I don’t know, but pretty cool.

Helpful tourist signs, and bike path signs are all over place. Even in my little town of Cernik. Great for tourists. If only there were some.

The most surprising is my introduction to Zumba. I can’t believe I came form South America to Slovakia to do Zumba everyday. Using village and farming analogies, like “pull the onion from the ground”, and “chop the tree”. I love it. Even a salsa, hip hop version of “Slovenske Mamicky”. I have to do this when I get back.

It certainly is a small world.



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