We killed Bambi, but the Goulash was good.

Disclaimer: Vegetarians, animal lovers and those with weak stomachs may find the following blog post graphic and insensitive. Continue reading at own risk.

We on our way to a good old fashion goulash cook-off. I’d never been to a food making contest before. I was pretty excited. Sure at first I thought it was going be in the style of Food Network. Maybe Bob Flay would drop by. I was set straight early, told it was going to be outdoors, over open fire pits and in the pouring rain. Even better.

Loaded up with a cauldron, sticks over the fire pit, bread and other treats for the day we headed off to meet out head chefs for the cook off. Driving speedily along the wet streets flying by fields of wheat and sunflowers a young deer suddenly jumped directly in front of the car. It tried to change direction in mid jump realizing it’s unfortunately miscalculation. I yelled at the impact. There was nothing we could do. We could see the little deer from the rear view mirror as we passed over it and halted. Shocked. At first I thought only half the body remained on the road moving it’s head and trying desperately to get up on it’s hind legs. However, on second glance I saw it’s whole body with one back leg almost completely ripped off. It struggle and wriggles it’s head as we called the police. Moving the car in front of the deer, so no other car could run it over we watched as it took it’s last breath.

The police came and when they heard where we were going said the guys would be upset we didn’t take the deer with us. Gross.

After blowing into the alcohol detector and still wearing our orange vests, mandatory when exiting your vehicle during an accident, we back on our way to the cook-off, silently. Until I said, “We killed Bambi.”

Incidentally when we arrived at the cook-off we found out that our gulas was being made from deer. We named it Bambi Goulash.

It was a great place for a cook-off. An old mill, everything mad out of wood. Including the longest all wood bridge in Europe, 86 meters. The mud an rain did not damp the spirits as they were easily uplifted by other liquids.

There were 9 teams participating and I was selected in my group to be the official taster. I was so much fun. Some of the goulash’s were really awful, too sweet, greasing and spicy. One was amazing. But we were definitely in the top three I was sure.

I tried to get back to my table when I was called back to count the ballots. Counting ballots with drunken, half blind Hungarian’s was fun. We got it done and Gabo (out head chief) and I headed back to our table poker face.

Finally the results. Third place was called forward first. We held our breath and waited. All our friends looking at my and Gabo’s face for any trace of recognition. “In the third place….Bambi Goulash!!!!!”

Miso, and Leos went nuts. After that it was hard to hear the rest of results. As we pop our champagne and passed the trophy cup and around of pictures and cheers.

It was pretty amazing that out our first try we came in 3rd.

We may have killed Bambi. But the goulash was good.



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