The New Democracy

So referendums may not be the best example for how democracy is working in Eastern Europe.  Since even referendums in long standing democratic countries like Canada and the USA are often ignored and ridiculed by its residences.  Regardless, a referendum was the only political event I have able to bare witness to here in the lovely Slovak Republic.
The referendum consisted of 6 questions.  Really way too many.  The actually details I don't think is important.  What I found most fun was the social aspect.  Mostly women tended to the voting areas.  While there they had coffee, cake, went out for ice cream, had breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to them.  Even may have had a shot or two in there coffees.
When voters came in they already knew them and where they lived.  After all it is a village of about 1000 people and only 800 voters.  Plus only 105 came to vote.  So no need to show a voters paper or identification.  Just took the questionnaire and started filling in the yes or no. Often not even going behind the private booth.  Or if a couple or family came in, they would all go behind the same private booth filling the forms together.  Many times voters asked, "Where should I answer yes or no?".  The ladies would answer."Yes to the first 5 and no the last one.  No body understand that question anyway."
What can I say.  I suppose 20 years of democracy can't break the habit of conformity that years of communism had created.

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