How many things can you make with flour?

I thought while in Peru I had my fill of potatoes. And sure the potato is king in Peru. However, they are very simple in their preparation. Basically, boiled with or without skin, boiled in soup, beside meat or rice or corn. You get the picture though, boiled. In Slovakia the innovations are endless. Not to mentioning what adding a little flour can do. Better yet, forgo the potato all together and just use flour. The amount of meals you can make with flour or a flour, potato combo is in credible. I don’t mean just bread or cakes, full meals. At least what the consider a lunch or dinner meal. Seriously gluten intolerant people this is not the country for you.

We can make longose (longoshe). A fabulous puffy yeast dough deep fried and then smothered in lard, garlic and salt (my personal favourite and a great way to ward of unwanted vampires or gropie old Eastern European men drunk at a goulash making contest), or grated cheese with or without ketchup, or sour cream. For you Canadians the closest thing we have a beaver tails. Now take this dough and shape into balls and you have sisky (shishky). Put some jam on top or pudding in the centre, sprinkle powder sugar and a dollop of whippping cream. Yummy. Closest thing for North Americans are doughnuts.

Now take some mashed potatoes and add extra milk and flour and you have a fluffy cloud to eat. You may be thinking, what about vegetables. Open a jar of pickles, cabbage or better yet ruslanka. Ruslanka are long strips of yellow cucumbers that have been peeled and the seed taken out. Incidentally, I helped make 19 bottles of these yesterday.

Another favourite and best eaten sweet with sugar and ground nuts or poppy seeds are sulance (shulance). Essentially potato gnocchi, shaped into finger length strips. Kind of look like worms.

Ofcouse dumplings with plums inside and smothered in sour cream and sugar.

Lastly, the piece de resistance halusky (halushky). Small potatoe gnocchies, covered in loads of goat cheese and topped with bacon bits.

Okay, so maybe you do need a lot of others things to make a full meal. But I think it is still pretty impressive how much can be done with flour.


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