Have one on me

If Alcohol was as cheap all over the world as it is in Slovakia, would everyone be as drunk?

It is a little unsettling as to how cheap alcohol is in Slovakia, and I am sure in other parts of eastern Europe. You can buy 2 beers and 2 shots, for just over 2 euro ($3). That same amount would cost me $15 during happy hour.

Not to mention the Burciak (early part of wine), which we drank on the street during the Suransky Jarmok (fall festival) while children ran around and enjoyed the rides, was only 2 euros per litre.

For my aunts name day it was cheaper to buy a bottle of sweet liqueur than to buy one flower.

I wonder if they started taxing alcohol like we do in Canada whether there would be less drunken people in village bars or whether they would just be poorer drunk people in village bars?

As I finished writing this, my uncle put a spin on the whole village bar scene. He needs to fix his car and has been calling friends all morning to help, and low and below hold where do you think he found them? That’s right, in the bar. So my new sober uncle says even if I don’t want to go to the bar I have to, because everything gets done in the bar.


I got to say, though.  Sometimes really glad it’s cheap. I mean the town’s fall festival would not have been the same without the sweetest burciak to wash down the yummiest fried potatoes chips on a stick.  Maybe the only thing that can turn me into a devil.






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