The love/hate relationship with the “New World”

Why strive for something you despise. If you think it is wrong why repeat the mistakes. Isn’t each generation suppose to learn from the other. Isn’t that what are parents try to do for us. Try to teach us about the mistakes they made so we don’t repeat them. Then why do countries act like children and think they know better. That for some reason when they do something they will be able to make it work without any mistakes. A friend once told me, “Repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results is a sign of insanity.” Maybe they think they are doing it differently and hence expect a different outcome. Then again they may just be acting like spoiled children wanting their own way.

Either way, the streets of Slovakia once covered in only orange or red boxy Skoda cars, are now running with Toyotas, fords, SUVs, Volkswagens etc. Many pathways I used to run along are now paved. There are crowed shopping malls and McCafes in every major city.

Yet, they still announce the village news and produce sellers on the megaphones on the street twice a week. And we still get up everyone earlier for fresh bread at the local store.

I guess like our own individual lives even countries have a life cycle they must follow.


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