Sign that I am turning Eastern Europe

It has taken less than 6 weeks in Slovakia for me to turn Eastern European.  I realize this as I sit at the at airport waiting for my flight to Madrid, via Prague.  I have just finished eating a buttered bun I brought from home.  Thankfully, I had forgone the smelly Hungarian salami.  However, I did bring a red pepper and cucumber fresh from the garden, uncut and just eaten like an apple.  Sprinkling salt on them before every bit.  I’m saving my garden fresh apple, the size of a 2 month old babies head for my layover in Prague.
As I look at those around me.  I realize none of them brought food with them.  So not only have a turned Eastern European I have turned little village girl Eastern European.
The worst thing though is ever time I lift my arm up a little too much I get a whiff of bad body odour.  I look around and around until I realize it is coming from me.
Oh dear.  I need my washing machine and a stand up shower.  I will never understand why there are shower heads in the bath tub, but no shower curtains or a why to hang the shower head.
What can I do now?  Embrace my B.O. and chomp on my farm fresh veggies, I suppose.

2 responses to “Sign that I am turning Eastern Europe

  1. Haha! Nice one Mark. At least that answers my question as to whether I still have a job to come back to. However, what is "on time"?

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