Twitching Eyelid

Well I’m back.  Okay, I’ve been back in Toronto for 2 weeks now.  A lot of emotions taking place this first week back at work. Some expected.  Some not so expected.

Although, it’s not so much the work or even sitting at a desk that’s bothersome, surprisingly.  Its mostly hearing about other peoples “great” adventures taking place, as I now sit at my desk and have to work.  I wonder did I make any of you feel that way when I posted updates?  If I did, I’m sorry.  Hopefully I didn’t though and you were just happy for me and enjoyed hearing about my nutty experiences.
Incidently, I hope my current dislike to see/hear/read about others adventures passes.  I wonder if its a character flaw or just a symptom of adjusting to real life, after 52 weeks of adventures.  Where I maybe began to fell like the “Numero Uno” adventurer.  I do have a bit of an ego and competitive side.  So I’ve been told.
Thus taking a step back to watch, revel, live vicariously through others adventures, is tough.  I’m not a live vicariously through someone type.  I’m a do and let people watch type.  Did that sound dirty?
All kidding aside.  It really isn’t that bad to be home.  It’s actually pretty great.  To get into a bit of routine. Work, exercise, friends, family, no suitcases.
However, it is hard to hear people complain about their jobs.  Because I am afraid I will start doing that soon too.
Plus it would be easier if people stopped blogging about their road trip…oops, did I get too specific?  Yikes!  At least when I blogged I would write about the bad stuff too.  Then again, maybe only bad stuff happens to me.  Yet, I do find that stuff is kind of funny.  I digress.   So any of you folks out there having great adventures don’t think I hate you, if in a moment of jealous fury I defriend you on facebook or stop following you on twitter.  We can be friends again, but only once I leave on another adventure or when you are back at your desk.  Whichever comes sooner.  🙂  Then again, maybe I do just hate you.


There is another thing, not so emotional that happened this week.  Upon my return to work.  A physical manifestation I am most concerned about.  By noon on November 1st.  First day at my old desk at the University of Toronto.  My right upper eyelid began to twitch.  Even stranger, it didn’t stop until I was on the Hockley Valley Trail this Saturday with some fabulous adventurers.  Plus every time someone says city or desk it begins to twitch again.
I wonder what will happen back at the office.
A few disappoints already too.
1. )  I will not be the Deputy Chief Finance Officer of the city of Nelson, British Columbia.  I found out the night before I returned to work.
Nice title though, eh.  Up, I began to say “eh” again, after heading to BC for my last week of adventure.  (Back dated blog posts of Spain and BC to come…I hope).
2.)  Tried to apply for the Air Transat travellers position after only hearing about recently and working all afternoon on a video to get in on the November 7th, 5p.m. cutoff.  As I started loading the video at 4:59p.m. the site cutoff out.  Time was up.  Ugh!
Ah well, it was a pretty crappy video.  However, I did really enjoy making it.  So when I fix it up a little I may just post it for all your viewing pleasure.
I hope the people from work aren’t checking this blog anymore.  The job searching part could be awkward.  😉

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