Act Like U R on Vacation in Your Own City

The last time I said I felt like I was acting like a tourist in my own city, my mother (who was with me) got pick pocketed.   So, not exactly the best thing.

However, as I wondered around my neighbourhood of High Park.  Around Roncesvalles, up to to Bloor West Village and then through the park I made a conscious decision of acting more like a tourist.  Not in a snapping pictures and asking for directions sort of way. But in a smile at everyone one and notice the little things, kinda way.  I realized during my travels that I would smile at everyone and they would smile back.  Yet in my 3 weeks back I noticed it’s hard to get people rushing off to work Monday mornings on the subway to smile.  However, that’s not going to stop me.  I also obsessed on the beauty of the trees, wild life, the moon and the blue skies.  Well today I enjoyed just as much as when I was in Nepal.  The sky way just as blue, the moon just as engaging and squirrels can be as entertaining as monkeys.

As I was sitting at home, glued to my keyboard and half watching a “W” movie.  Yup, the life of a single girl, sick withthe flu on Saturday night.  A friend skype chatted me.
“You still sick?”
“Too bad there is a party going on and I don’t want to go alone.”
I had to laugh, this totally fit with the theme of my day.  I typed back, “If you were on vacation, you would go alone no problem.”
On vacation we don’t miss out or try are hardest not to miss out on any opportunity for fun.  Maybe because we know are time is limited in this place.

Well I gotta say are time is limited in every place we are in.  Even in our own backyards.

So I challenge you act like a tourist today in your own city.
Smile at strangers.  Just don’t expect candy.  Unless you are at Costco and they are handing out samples.
Enjoy the sky, the trees, the animals.
Maybe even go to a part of town you have never been to before.  Try a new coffee shop.  Walk through a different park.
We have so little time here.


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