Kids on Planes

In response to the lonely planet twitter a couple of days ago referring to an article about airlines having children free flights. Fed up passengers demand child-free flights – would a no kid zone work? from @Gadling #lp #travel
I think that’s a little ridiculous.  This would just inflate the cost of flying even more.


However, children on flights was a bit of a…how can I put this diplomatically.   Hmmm…Okay, I can’t.  It pissed me off a number of times during my year of travel.


I mean, seriously.  What are the odds?  As a single, never married, no kid female I was seated beside or in front of children probably 24 off my 28 flights.  Really?!


So, although I do believe “children free” flights is going too far.  I do think the airlines should think about who they are seating together on the plane.  And I have a number of suggestions for children in general.  Some may not be so politically correct.


1.) Children zones.  They have them on boats and ferries.  Why not on planes?  Sections of the plane designated for children.


2.) If the child’s legs are long enough to kick the back of the chair in front of them, a parent or relative should sit in front of them and get kicked for 14 hours straight.  Not a poor unrelated traveler.


3.) If a parent or relative can not be placed in front of a child with legs long enough to reach the sit in front then their legs should be strapped down.  (Yup, not so politically correct).


4.) Sedate them.  To be honest, I actually don’t fault the kids for crying.  It’s the toddlers and young children whining, complaining, kicking and banging the back of chairs that tick me off. 


A pleading word to the parents flying with kids.  I know it must be hard traveling with children.  However, if your child is banging and kicking the seat in front of them, chances are it is disturbing the person seating in that seat.  I just ask that you try and control your child before I have to turn around, glare and tell you and them off.  Simply the fact that you realize that there is a situation and are trying to deal with it goes a long way


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